Everlasting Creed (single)

by Drifting Sun



Third single off new album 'Planet Junkie'. The song features a mind-blowing performance by Joshua Corum (Head With Wings)


These are the moments when I -
I’d like to think I’d last on my own

What did you say to me?
Where will I go?
Are we better off?
Are you onto something new?

Everlasting creed
Like a branch cracks under the snow

If I wasn’t there for you, how would you know?
Playing along, milking every single note

Watch what you say to me
Never let go
If you’re better off
Well, now you’re the enemy

I’d rather be left to my thoughts and dreams
Without you to stress about
So what if nights grow cold and dark
Let’s make this something to boast about
Manipulator – great pretender
The defender of his pride

These are the moments when I -
I’d like to think I’d last on my own

I have my reasons
I keep them inside me
If ever they leave me
It means that I’m bleeding

Everlasting need
To take his time but never grow

When we had each other
These were new beginnings

The music that we made
Was love unrequited

P: I was so naive to believe that
you moved here to start a life with me
R: This was my best chance to get
my career off the ground...
P: Your career? You’d have nothing if not
for all that I’ve sacrificed...
R: I never professed to be ungrateful...

Run me over, mull it over
Fuck me over ‘til you’ve had your way
You’ll find another
Go find another
Find another minion to bend and break
I know how it feels
To give and then lose faith

Run me over, mull it over
Fuck me over ‘til you’ve had your way
You’ll find another
Find another person to manipulate
I know how it feels
To love your way to hate

I know how it feels

When the obsession dies
Give it another try
Drift in the sea of lies

When the compassion dies
No matter how hard you tried
Onto the next goodbye

Run me over, mull it over
Fuck me over ‘til you’ve found a way
To discover

You’ll discover
Uncovering the layers of my hidden shame
Impossible guilt

From one lover to the other
Guilt is written on your filthy face
We fucked each other
Then fucked another
I hope you live in overbearing pain

I’ll get over it…

When your reflection dies
It often multiplies
Into the next disguise

Take some time to think about
The years that we put in
The nights we planned
The days we joked
About our lives – how you wanted more

Darling, I know you will

Run me over, mull it over
Fuck me over (x3)

Windows cracked
The morning air creeps in
I’ll be fine today, this, I swear

Not enough, it’s not enough
Not enough – Goes on and on and on

I lost myself along the way
Yet I find new ways to disappear
I see no ending
Fear no ending
Mark no ending to this race


released August 15, 2019
Joshua Corum - Vocals
Mathieu Spaeter - Guitars
Pat Sanders - Keyboards
Conrad Cheng - Clarinet
Manu Michael - Bass
Will Jones - Drums

Music: Pat Sanders
Lyrics: Joshua Corum

Mixed and mastered by Jon Huxtable
Vocals engineered by Steve Hill
Artwork by Darcy Kelly-Laviolette


all rights reserved



Drifting Sun Chesham, UK

Drifting Sun are a UK-based Progressive Rock studio project. Their music has been described as dramatic, theatrical, and atmospheric, in the true style of Progressive Rock giants such as Dream Theater, Queensryche, Genesis and Jethro Tull, to name but a few of the bands that influenced their sound. ... more

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