Alice (EP)

by Drifting Sun

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Harry Carlin
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Harry Carlin I love this band. Bought Trip The Life Fantastic. Superb CD. Amazing music with great vocals. This EP is just a continuation of fantastic music. I am going to get the rest of the catalogue Favorite track: Alice.


released October 7, 2015

Peter Falconer - Vocals
Dan Storey - Guitars
Pat Sanders - Keyboards

Rosie Henbest - Violin ('Alice')
Chris Pitsillides - Viola ('Alice')
Adam Pitsillides - Cello ('Alice')
Brian Wolfe - Flute ('Alice')

Music: Pat Sanders
Lyrics: Peter Falconer
Mixed by Dan Storey at Storey Studios



all rights reserved


Drifting Sun Chesham, UK

Drifting Sun are a UK-based Progressive Rock studio project. Their music has been described as dramatic, theatrical, & atmospheric, in the true style of Progressive Rock giants such as Dream Theater, Queensryche, Genesis and Jethro Tull, to name but a few of the bands that influenced their sound. ... more

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Track Name: Alice
A world of crimson and gold
Strong divide, the weak and the poor
And there, high in the keep
Kings and Queens, quick to ignore

Herald cry, banner fly
Raise the gate, raven’s eye
Can you see the pretty girl?
Hide away the pretty girl.
Fill the halls, suitor calls
Shout aloud, claim appalls
Take your pick of pretty girls
Run away you pretty girl.

She waits alone in her room
Heart be bound; slave to her dowry
Below, harken a call
“Do not fear, come to your window...”

“Who’s there? Who’s calling my name?”
“Please be gone, someone will hear you."
And there, down on the ground
A peasant boy, kindly and true.

“Come with me, you’ll be free”
“You’re alone, I can see“
“Run with me you pretty girl”
“More than just a pretty girl”
“Climb the wall, leave it all”
“I’ll be here if you fall”
“Here they say you’re just a girl “
“We can find another world.”

The day broke down to night
Hiding soft, down in the forest
The trees showed them the way
Do not fear, follow the lights

Be safe, whispered the stars
Far away, no-one will harm.
And there, home in the keep
Suitor cries
'Where is my pretty girl?!'

At last, after the dawn
Came the two, down to the riverside
And there, shrouded in green
Riabhach, welcoming smile.

'You have come far from home'
'Still you wish further on'
'I can take you anywhere'
'You can breathe a freer air'

'Yes it’s true, I did run'
'Didn’t want to belong'
'More than just a pretty girl'
'Let me in your other world'

'Are you sure, do you know'
'What it means here to go?'
'Once you see the other world'
'It will be your only world'

'Take me there, let me live'
'I have so much to give'
'I can see you understand'
'Take me to this wonderland'